Tuesday, October 27, 2009


So, for the record, the jacket I was referring to in my previous post was conceptually the jacket I wanted. Some of my friends have told me that they hate the jacket and they do not know what is wrong with me. Well... when have any of you known me to have a lapse in fashion judgement.... SMH anyway, these are two of the jackets that I was refering to from Dolce & Gabbana.

The one that I really want wasn't made. I am on the fence about which one I am going to get.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Out and about...

So while at the Fela premier I saw recording artist K'naan. He was there amongst a ton of other people that I don't know but recognized. As I was sitting in my seat I saw him entering and I thought that is a dope coat he has on. After the show I was talking to him and I thought of a similar coat that I am waiting for from Dolce. Then I thought, Holy shit... regular people don't wear clothes like this, this dude is a frikkin celebrity this may not work for me. I realized that when I wake up in the morning I am usually dressing like I am going somewhere special, and I'm really not. Anyway the jacket I want is a bit less flashy but the same concept. So I came to the conclusion that I am a celeb in my mind. Man I'm delusional.

Tell me what you think of the coat.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rockin Fela

So last night was the first of the premiers of FELA, the Broadway show. It was impressive to say the least. I don't think that there is a show on Broadway with as much energy. Without giving anything away, the show is about the life and passion of Fela Kuti and as you watch it you start to feel like, Shit, maybe I need to do something... about something. It was well cast and the production was great. I was especially impressed with the ability of the cast to sing while enthusiastically dancing all over the theatre. You should definitely treat yourself. The first show is November 23 2009 and as you can see from the pic that I snuck in during the show...

it is like a big party.

It is gonna be big.

Oh and Vinnie Chase was there he said that he liked it. He is extremely cool BTW. I spoke to him for a little while and he is really chill.

Go check it out.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Just so you know.

I was fly even back then. People didnt understand my fresh then and they don't understand me now. I dont know why people keep testing me like I haven't been deep in the fashion game from waaaaaaay back. SMH.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Sorry but I had to talk about it again.

So I heard from a friend (rosiebspeaks.blogspot.com) that Penelope Cruz is going to be in the new SATC movie.


I don't know what her role will be in the movie but I do know that the writers over at SATC are full of shit. It is speculated that she will be working with Big. SMH. Why would they pick one of the sexiest women in the world to tempt Big? Why not average sexy? This had better be good. Again SATC writers and costume designers, I do not believe you.

Please ladies, do not believe for a moment that if you met Penelope Cruz at your hubby's office Christmas party and they work together, that you shouldn't bust his ass and then beat hers. I don't care if she is not his type,or she is just cool or just a friend, she should get the shit beat out of her for having a "regular people" job with her overly sexy ass. Go be rich for being sexy. Your hubby should have frikkin quit as soon as he saw her. Too damn sexy for them to be in the same building everyday. Kick his lying ass teeth in!

I really hope they make it believable. I'm definitely going to watch the movie now, then again I have watched Penelope's spanish movies. No subtitles. No SAP.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Are we there yet?

Who is more oppressed in this country... blacks or women? Elle (http://www.lmortlock.blogspot.com/) of She is... asked this morning. I began to recall the discrimination and mistreatment that both groups have suffered. I really don't think that there can be a definitive answer to a question like this. The reason being, we cannot judge someone else's pain. Certainly if there are drastic differences in circumstances, we may deem one worse than another, but the afore mentioned situations are too similar.

Black people have dealt with arguably the worst treatment in the history of the world. Almost 400 years of slavery in America, discrimination that is still being exercised today and social programing that has pitted blacks against one another in their own neighborhoods. There is no way to compete with that. The mental conditioning that is deeply ingrained in blacks is strong enough to last for the next couple Milena. It has bred an insecurity and uncertainty that is almost uncontrollable. Despite the historic mistreatment, and against overwhelming odds, black people have been able to excel in most any situation. Quite commendable, and if I may say so, it is the most amazing comeback story ever.
That being said...
Somewhere in people's (men's) minds throughout the world, women are objects. I do not place the sole responsibility on men because there are not only women who agree to be objectified but perpetuate the belief. But make no mistakes about it, men have made it this way. I'm not trying to man bash or Tyler Perry/Steve Harvey my gender but it is the truth. Women have been viewed as the property of men historically. Being sold, traded or bartered into marriage for money, alliance or whatever reason. Programmed to sell their bodies as sex objects (on whatever level). Conditioned to be fully subservient and dependant on men despite the lack of proper care and respect in return. All of that without being offered the same rights, legally, socially or morally. Despite all that, women have been able to overcome their tribulations to become be soooooo powerful throughout the world.
So the answer to the question is....
I don't know who is oppressed more but I do know that....
I am not strong enough to be a black woman.
I tip my hat to strong black women.
And since I am a fashion whore, here are two of my favorite black women of the moment.


I shot them at Diane Von Furstenberg's show. A pleasant surprise.

As I was shooting fashion week I was keeping my eyes open for black models. I saw a few here and there but definitely not a large amount. There is solice in the fact that Chanel Iman, Arlenis Sosa Jourdan Dunn, Sessilee Lopez are tearing the fashion world apart. Beautiful women of color at the forefront of an industry that has allegedly been racist in the past. Hats off to Beverly Johnson, Iman, Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks for kicking the door down.
This new breed of black supermodel is trampelling the competition. It seems that once people of color get a hold of something, they find a way to master it. It is a new day and blacks and women are in positions that were previously unimaginable. Keep pushing.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Own it!!!

The resurgence of eighties style has inspired a new wave of individuality and flare in the streets of New York. Unfortunately it has also left some people looking like jack asses. There are many ways to stylishly express yourself but the keys to it are Comfort and Confidence. Understanding that, makes for a strong stylish foundation. What's happening with today's "fashionistas" is that they are falling into the trend trap. Although it seems as though people are expressing themselves freely I see both a lack of comfort and confidence in these dudes. And how could you be comfortable in skinny jeans hanging off of your ass... well they are too tight to hang, they are actually strategically placed below the ass cheek, at the crease. That is fucking disgusting! That cannot be comfortable nor can you be confident as a man if you are forced (by your tight ass skinny jeans) to stand like Betty Boop.

So WTF just happened? I'll tell you.


Well it's not all his fault but I credit him for popularizing the hoodlum geek chic movement. His whole crew of self proclaimed fresh boys have been heading up a movement (only because they are in the limelight) that is giving people the impetus to explore their deepest darkest tastes in fashion. They are making it okay for people to be a little to the left.

I recently shot a Haitian Hip Hop artist from Harlem named Spark Flame. It is immediately evident that this dude has his own style and is very comfortable in his own skin.

There is simultaneously confidence, comfort and humility in SF (as his fans call him). It is rather refreshing to see someone in the industry truly going his own way. SF has done shows for Hot 97 and with some of the biggest names in Hip Hop and is just pretty chill and level headed. After a few outfit changes I was able to see that it was not about what was hot in the streets, it was about what was hot to him. I am the same exact way.
Do you and own it.

Don't misunderstand me, I am not saying that being influenced is a bad thing, I am saying being brainwashed is. Develop your own Fresh. Don't walk around looking like somebody else (on purpose) that is just plain wack.

So what did we learn?

If your jeans are so tight that they cut off circulation to your legs, when you have them on at the crease between your ass and leg, You are an ASSHOLE. Stop standing like Betty Boop!

You make your clothes stylish not the other way around.

Success does not mean that you have to be obnoxious.

Stop dressing like a douchebag because you saw it on T.V.

Be comfortable in your skin and whatever you do is stylish (well almost). You will be able to pull off anything.