Saturday, August 8, 2009

First of all, LUCA B. is the f*ckn man!!!!

Me, my cuz Manny and Luca Brazzi (the lil man) chilled for the day all over New York City. I realized that no matter what the hell is going on, Luca stops the show. I couldn't shop, they damn near shut Gucci down to talk to him. We barely made it passed the first floor in Saks and we never got a chance to eat at all. After a while I began to expect that Luca was using us for the ride to get to the City and then get his mack on and just as I suspected Luca decided that he was gonna take the wheel.
I must admit, I was never a real dog lover until I met lil Luca. We chilled a bit more and Luca passed out from his big day.
It was really too bad because we met this lil angel in SoHo. I bet Luca would have had a field day with her.

Then she started dancing on fire hydrant posts. It was special.

There is truly no place like NYC.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

dope people dope flix

Chyna Layne, young actress from N.Y., moved to L.A. and doing pretty damned well over there. I mentioned her in a previous entry. She just finished a movie called Precious (based on the novel Push) that was met with critical acclaim at the Sundance film festival. Her rap sheet is growing and growing and I predict that she will be A-listing soon. I've known her for YEARS!!!!, hadn't seen her in a while and the shoot gave us a chance to catch up (insanely fun too). For someone so young Ms. Layne has been through quite a bit. It is amazing to see her and how she deals with the Hollywood BS and the pressure of a job that demands so much of her. I did my bid in the industry and I commend anyone that can beome successful in it. Check for this chica, I expect her to be big. Check her out @

Monday, August 3, 2009

dope people in NYC...

New York city nightlife is pretty much the creme de la creme of the world. I've literally travelled all over the world and I have seen some nice shit, but NYC is like none other. The night life in New York is always buzzing. Showcase entertainment is murdering the streets and their parties don't get dull. Vegas (international) is a co-founder of Showcase entertainment and president of VI degrees of separation inc. where he is an event coordinator and lifestyle concierge (yeah lifestyle concierge). If you have never been to a Showcase event, do yourself a favor and get to one. You can also check out for what's on his mind.

Boredom brings me back to my roots...

I am currently not able to work on the photos from my most recent shoot so I find myself sketching and picturing silhouettes. Back in Art & Design and the short stint in F.I.T., this was an everyday thing. After that I lost interest in my art. Since then I haven't consistently put a pen to paper for any kind of artwork in years so I'm always surprised at what comes out. This time it was a pic of a little black dress I saw a picture of. I think I am going back into it. Got a couple of ideas for incorporating my art into my photography. Photography is so much more me than I ever imagined. I couldn't be a fashion designer and express myself fully. Plus, there are like no straight men on that side.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Traces of my past?

Just thinking back on when I was first developing my shoe game. I don't knock anyone's hustle but you will rarely see me rocking monogram stuff. If so it will be really low key. That being said I recently broke out my GG loafers that remind me of my momz luggage. They're over ten years old but I still break them out for the people who don't realize that I have a dope shoe game.

Sexy and in D&G

Got a Dolce and Gabbanna addiction problem and Emmanuelle Chriqui is beautiful. Man this is a great picture.


Metrosexual? What the hell is that. The term does not really make sense first of all. Homo and hetero are both prefixes that have a valid and specific purpose in relation to and in conjunction with the word sexual, but metro?
Does that mean I like to pleasure trains? Do I prefer conductors? What the fuck does that mean?

Okay, okay, so the word pretty much means that you are heterosexual dude who is heavily concerned with your appearance. I dig it. I understand that the term is to imply that one is overly concerned with their (his) appearance but for the love of god, aren't you supposed to be concerned? I was recently called a "metrosexual" because I love to dress like I have a sense of pride... and yes I am a bit of a shopaholic. Well where is the middle ground. I don't want to look like a homeless dude. Is that what a real man looks like? A real heterosexual man? I am completely heterosexual and have never had a homosexual thought (although I have watched Sex and the city and I do speak Prada) but I dress however the hell I want to dress. I don't have a problem wearing jeans that fit, not skinny jeans and not off my ass. Jeans that fit, On my ass. I like them and I don't think that I should wear my jeans any differently to prove my "manhood". As a matter of fact, short lesson;

"Dressing up" does not mean that you buy an XXL white button up, (your dress shirts should not have letters for measurement in the first place) some over sized khakis and your Prada sneakers.

Tucking your over sized shirt into your over sized khakis, that are hung low off your ass is not cool.

Because you paid $320 plus tax for your prada sneakers does not qualify them as your "dress up shoes" Prada actually has a whole department of shoes and it is usually right next to those very same sneakers.

fix your hair.

and for Christ's sake talk like you have some sense. Enunciate.

I am not speaking to one specific race either, this is across the board ignorance that I am addressing.

The simple fact is that well dressed is well dressed. There was a time that you couldn't go anywhere half-assing. Hollywood was always dressed to the nines and the hood was always fly as hell. The gangsters were in suits. Getting caught out there looking sloppy was an indication that you weren't doing too well.

Metrosexual my ass! I am all for expressing myself however the hell I want. I shave in the morning and I brush my teeth. I like to shower and I like to wear deodorant. I like to wear the shit that I like, and I like for it to fit on me. Just my personal preferences. It has nothing to do with sexuality. For the record there are a ton of gay men that don't give a damn about their appearances, and there are just as many that have the same stupid ass fashion sense or lack there of as the hetero slobs. Maybe a term should be coined for people who dress like shit and don't give a damn about their personal appearance. That would actually be way more appropriate than labelling the people who do what they are supposed to do.