Monday, September 21, 2009

This is Bullshit!

So I am trying to figure out how in hell this fantasy thing works. I dig that the fab four (SATC girls) are like the bar for high fashion and dope style. I often agree with their choices in clothing and accessories... That being said, what the hell is going on with the SATC men? I am not saying that the girls are the most gorgeous people on the planet and that is certainly realistic but what the hell? There is no way that these are realistic couples. These dudes don't have ANY STYLE AT ALL. I don't believe for a minute that the most fashionable women in the world chose these dudes.

C'mon I'm not fooled. With fashion fetishes like these women have, these dudes will never do. I've seen the episodes and all that the women have gone through to be in their respective relationships but seriously it looks like these guys are poster boys for the Salvation Army. It is really disappointing.
Complete the fantasy! Get some dudes that are either good looking or well built or dress well or have backbone or a good sense of humor or a nice smile or nice personality.
At least Big is rich but that confuses me a little too.
Why can't this dude afford some FRESH!?
Why is Carrie fresh to death in Christian X2 (Dior and Loubs)

and big is in some baggy Dockers an ashy polo and complete with all the symptoms of early pregnancy? I don't even know where they sell those shoes he has on. And...And... AAAAnnd if they do let him get a little fly...
He is rich, just tip the bellhop. This is absurdity. That is tens of thousands of dollars of luggage that he is carrying, and HE is carrying it. Not even a luggage cart. SMFH!

I don't know what the hell they are trying to pull here but I don't buy it.
Furthermore, the one good looking in shape stylish young guy got the boot in the last movie. What is the message that they are sending???
Is this serious? Am I supposed to believe this shit? Because I don't.

There has to be a new standard for the BS that they are putting out there.
Stay tuned. I am working on it.
I appreciate independent women and I think that it is the sexiest thing in the world,
but stop it.

Friday, September 11, 2009

more flix

Katy Perry and Giuseppe Zanotti

Giuseppe drawing an original design on Eb's shirt after our convo.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dolce & Gabbana and Giuseppe Zanotti!!!! HOLY SH......

Okay so my Dolce addiction brought me to the event in store on Madison and it was definitely an amazing look. The new collection is dope and I think that they are on top this season, hands down. The event was cool and the feel was great. Models in store, walking and such and it was such a good vibe. Not to be outdone, one block over Giuseppe Zanotti the shoe King from San Mauro Pascoli had a massive event brewing.

(some shoes I shot in the store at Zanotti this past summer, the lighting was soo dope)

It was a madhouse outside and I spoke to Giuseppe. He told me how excited he was about it. (really cool dude)
There was a little red carpet and some pretty strict velvet rope guardians. Talk about exclusive. I met Elle (blog and shoe goddess) and Eb one of the sickest fashionistas in NY (her shoe game is sooo serious) and we chilled and mingled for a bit.

Then Katy Perry walked in and created a bit of a stir.

Then as the remix to the Killers' "Mr. Brightside" was blaring from all angles, Rihanna walked in and HOLY HELL!!! It was mayhem.

Rihanna was really cool and waaay more stunning in person than she is in pictures.

I must also say that Rihanna has the dopest fashion sense. I was thoroughly impressed. After that, the mood was insane and within ten minutes it was literally a full on party. Giuseppe at the DJ table with some headphones on bopping up and down and the crowd full-on dancing in the store.

There was no better way to celebrate fashion's Night Out.

Stay tuned fashion week is just begining!

Fashion's Night Out

So today kicks off fashion week and I must say that I have been ready for these shows. I am actually ready for tonite which is Fashion's Night Out. I first heard about it when I was in India and I thought it was something exclusive to there, but apparently everyone across the world is doing it. I got a personal email from my friend at Dolce & Gabbana he told me that they are doing free giveaways and drinks all nite until 11. I thought I was special because it was the same type of email I get for personal events and then I saw the emails from a ton of other designers and stores that I rarely shop at. Everyone is invited to a ton of stores and boutiques all around the city. A ton of giveaways. Designers will be doing in store appearances (Zanotti and Donna Karan will be at Saks) and there are a ton of discounts, from what I hear. Check out for more details. I will be all over tonite and probably do a ton of shows too. good luck

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


So I have been doing a ton of travelling and I've been on about three different continents in the last month. That is another blog that is coming. Anyways, in all the travelling I am seeing a tremendous amount of people with children. Really beautiful children. Not that all I saw before were ugly kids because I would never say that (I don't have any kids yet), but the children that I am seeing recently are exceptionally cute. It has inspired me to begin shooting a collection of children from all around the world from different cultures, races, lifestyles and religous backgrounds. I will keep you posted.

p.s. these are just kids that are in my life that I shot for one reason or another and I thought that you should see how beautiful they are.