Thursday, February 18, 2010


Recently did a shoot with @showtufli (twitter shout, follow this dude). it went great and this dude is definitely serious. I barely listen to rap but his songs were CRAZY. His story is even more dope
Excerpt from his blog,

It's amazing what a "stroke" can do to a person. I realized I wasn't living life how I was supposed to. I was playing the game wrong. An appreciation for life and everything in it grew on me. I realized ..its true.. I could really die tomorrow. Prior to this "stroke", I was at a point in my life where I had doubts in god. A lot changed in my life so fast and it wasn't easy to get used to. My "stroke" (which was really my encounter with god and understanding of life) made me believe. Believe that there's more...more than what you think it is. I fought death and I was given another chance for a reason. Music? We'll see. Whatever I want I must go get it. That's what I will do.
Show Tufli

Often, we can't see the grand scheme of things. Ironically enough, overcoming paralysis may very well be metaphoric for what Show has in store for the rap world. The stagnant state of rap needs a push.
Although immensely talented, Show is an extremely humble dude. He takes his music seriously and is far from your average rapper. This coupled with quality music is a formula for success. Keep your eyes and ears open

TNB inc. aesthetic team shot him on Monday (crazy shout to my ace @CarpeDieMia stylist extraordinaire), and I gotta say it was "good times".

Looking forward to the next shoot.

Vivre Libre!!!